i want to help you speak confidently in public!

your confidence & public speaking coach

I help you, the professional woman, overcome your fear of public speaking & stand out as the confident & articulate speaker you've wanted be.

I truly understand. Public speaking can make you want to run, hide & hope it just all goes away. And when you have no choice but to speak, you just grit your teeth and bare it.

But the sheer frustration of feeling like you're not expressing your full potential.

Hiding your incredible ideas, gifts and talents because of fear, is making you face your fear head on & learn how to speak well.

You're no longer okay with feeling invisible at work, not believing in yourself, second-guessing yourself, scattered thoughts, the incredible stress of meeting new people and the disappointment of giving talks that fall flat with no impact.

If this sounds like you, you're in the right place.

i receive inspiration from 

A good HIIT workout, my garden, an art museum day & a great conversation.

Your confidence is already within you.
But self-doubt, the fear of being judged & your words coming out wrongly, has kept your incredible potential hidden

the founder


Mauya!  Welcome! 

I cannot tell you how excited
I am to champion you on your public speaking confidence journey!

My first foray into preparing a speech was filled with sheer dread & wishing it would just go away.  It was not fun.
However, two surprising things happened after that speech.  I learned how to believe in myself & I fell in love with public speaking. 

And now, my joy is in helping you discover your unique confidence & speak brilliantly from it.

I cannot wait to show you what's possible for you, your career & the people whose lives you'd like to impact positively.

Let's unveil the confident & articulate YOU together!

LOVE: a great campfire. the laughter of little children.  delicious americanos.


a little bit
about me


Got saved and fell in love with Jesus when I was 15.


I am fanatical about plants...
especially cut flowers.


I remember people
through their stories!


i love people.

I'm notoriious for making friends everywhere
like...the eagles' superbowl parade:)!

Am very curious...
relearning Mandarin at the moment...badly:)!


Being generous & gingham
championing others & tennis
 seeing everyone through God's eyes,
life-giving words,
desiring Christ, 
a good hike & architecture
 a refreshing dollop of pistachio ice-cream.

don't enjoy

Constant selfies:) & glass half empty mindset,
small talk, 
words that destroy,

if that resonates with you, we're probably kindred spirits:)!

let's do it together

public speaking that 
brings out the best in you

You were not placed on this earth for your gifts, talents & ideas to be hidden behind the fear of being judged.
No way! 
You were created to thrive in the full expression of what God created in you, speak boldly and shine!
If you are ready to touch others with your voice, your mind and your heart, I'm ready to be your speaking confidence advocate. 
Let's get started!



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