presentations that inspire
standing ovation

Imagine finishing your talk.  Saying your last words.  There's a split second of awed silence.  Then, a united standing applause naturally explodes out of your listeners.
This is what I want for you, after we work together, on your upcoming presentation.

no more guesswork over the success of your talks 

If there has been confusion over where to start crafting a captivating presentation. 

And frustration, after you've completed it, that it had no impact, I'm excited to help you become an excellent strategist for your talks. 

You'll be consistently ready to confidently write and deliver meaningful talks that hit home with your audience.

Our presentation strategy sessions are conducted in 6/One Hour Time Slots. 

In them, we'll explore the goal of your talk.  Help you become your audience's whisperer. 

Meaning you'll understand your audience's fears & desires so well that you'll empathically address them in your talk. 

You'll know how to make your talk flow so that you deliver it with ease.

You'll get the secrets to a captivating introduction.  How to keep them on the edge of their seats while you're talking. 

And finally, how to leave a sweet taste in your listeners' mouths with a delightful conclusion.

All this will make your talk so enjoyable that your listeners cannot help but give you a standing ovation.

real results


This was my text message to Brenda after delivering my presentation to my mentor.

Before working with Brenda, I'd had a meeting with my mentor where she'd struggled to understand my career vision.

She asked me give a short presentation of what I wanted to do.

With Brenda's coaching I gave a presentation that had my mentor so excited that she declared:

"Now I know how to promote you everywhere!"

- Tapiwa C, Project Coordinator


"Being able to communicate the ideas that I need to, in that moment, when you have captured their attention.

"Before working with Brenda, there was a disappointment after giving a talk & getting the polite "Thank you" but feeling that there had been no impact in what I shared with them.

After working with Brenda, It was really delightful to see, when I was moving to the left the audience members were also moving their heads to the left.

So I knew I had their attention & there is something powerful about that.

Being able to communicate the ideas that I need to, in that moment, when you have captured their attention."

- Maria - Medical Professional


presentation strategy

goal discovery

We'll become very clear on the goal of your talk & your audiences' needs.  The 2 powerful elements will help us craft a relatable & winning presentation.

presentation flow  

We'll create beautiful flow in your talk. It'll will make your audience feel like they've been taken on a moving journey.

presentation excellence

Practice the art of delivering your talks thoughtfully and powerfully.  

would you like to... 

become a great  speaker who speaks from the heart?

It erroneously focuses you on aesthetics instead of connection with your listeners.

Please don't get me wrong, beautifully designed slides are always an essential component to your talk. 

But, presentation preparation should always start with you immediately wanting to understand who your audience is. 

And formulating meaningful ways to meet their needs through your talk.   

Because when your audience truly feels that you care about empowering them, it touches their hearts so deeply. 

And opens both their hearts & minds to you & your message. 

That is what I want for you. 

I coach you to be that approachable speaker who is so invested in her listeners' success that she builds a remarkable connection with them and they're transformed by her words forever.

So, if you're ready to become a brilliant, articulate & thoughtful speaker, committed to transforming the lives of her listeners, let's chat!

If you do, did you know that the worst place to start preparing for your captivating presentation is with your slides?

Here's how it works:


You have a talk coming up & already have a draft of your speech.  We clarify your speech goals.


Together we research your audience deeply & craft a presentation that resonates with your audience.


Practice how to deliver your speech compellingly.


Practice the techniques to owning the room on the day of your presentation.

Voila! You have become a captivating speaker!





Presentation Goal Discovery

Along with clarifying your speech goals, we'll paint a detailed picture of who your audience is & what they want. 

So that your speech is deeply relevant, relatable & transformative for them.


Presentation Flow

We'll organize your presentation into a clear and enthralling journey, so that your audience is kept riveted, each step of your talk. 

Delivering your speech will become much more enjoyable.

And your audience will love the experience you'll take them on.  


Presentation Excellence

We'll bring your talk to life during our practice sessions together. 

Using the presentation tools & techniques I'll give you, you'll be primed to skillfully use your tone of voice, thoughtful gestures, props & confident body language to add serious impact to your talk. 

Leaving your audience with the most enjoyable & memorable encounter they've ever had.

Your Investment For 6 Hours of Presentation Strategy Is:






Captivating presentations for every occasion.


Whether you're giving a toast at a friend's wedding or delivering a keynote address, the principles of presenting
I equip you with,
 will give you a winning & repeatable roadmap of how to prepare and deliver your speeches excellently.

 How exciting is that?!


Craft inspiring talks you're excited to give

You'll no longer wonder if your talk will hit home because from now on, you'll know how to understand & connect with your audience.

You'll actually be excited to prepare your presentations because you'll be equipped with the right questions, tools and techniques to deliver fun & inspiring talks.

With Presentation Strategy:

YOU'LL finally

+ deliver thoughtful & powerful

+ leave them with positive 
  memorable experiences

+ enjoy connecting with your

+ become known as the thought
  leader in your industry

+ be invited before more 

+ create a lasting positive
  impact on people's lives &
  your industry

how does that sound?

let's do it together →

Today, I still use the techniques that Brenda shared with me.  

Speeches became a breeze and public speaking no longer terrified me.


LET'S DO THIS together!

ready to go for it?

I cannot wait to learn about your
life-giving message and how you want it to impact people.
 Send me a note, we'll have a discovery call  & decide on the best steps forward for your talk.

Looking forward to meeting you!



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