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If you're tired of constantly feeling stressed before meetings.  Frustrated that you're holding yourself back because you're afraid to speak.  And confused about how to express your thoughts eloquently, you're in the right place.

there is more to you than what people are seeing

But as the conscientious woman you are, you're not happy when you're not expressing your full potential.

You want the most effective way to become a confident speaker. 

And you want a personalized journey that'll help you express your authentic voice, while touching the lives of your listeners.

Well, I formulated Standing Ovation Speaker just for you. 

This 12-week intensive training will finally banish self-critical thoughts & give you a clear blueprint of your identity in God. 

Including amazing distinctive qualities you haven't recognized in yourself, yet & how to walk boldly in them.

After that, I'll equip you with the skills to speak clearly, coherently & compellingly so that you'll actually find yourself seeking out opportunities to speak.

You'll also learn how to effectively engage with your audience. 

So you'll deeply impact their hearts & minds, in any setting.

That's what will inspire a standing ovation with people and make you a standing ovation speaker.


real results


"You can get through a speech, you a can get through life, in terms of pretending or building yourself up…getting through it without a solid foundation…the aha moment came when I realized that this is REALLY IMPORTANT.

Just having a solid foundation in who you are. You can be in any room and speak authentically.

When we were talking about that…Drilling in that sense of who you are is really rooted in the foundation of God.

 Just knowing that you were made for a purpose, brought me to the realization that I need to further root myself in that & know that with that solid foundation,

- Delaila, Physical Therapist


"I was recently at a zoom meeting,
which I moderated and the reviews were mind-blowing!"

"Brenda made me realize that everything I needed to be a good speaker was already within my reach.

She made me come to terms with my fears, vulnerabilities and insecurities.
All of these she did so effortlessly and with so much love.
It didn’t happen overnight. It’s a journey I have come to embrace and love.

Looking back at where I was and where I’m currently at, I would say that my confidence level has skyrocketed and I am not even exaggerating!

I was recently at a zoom meeting,
which I moderated and the reviews were mind-blowing!

If you can relate with my story and wish to commence your journey to being an eloquent and confident speaker, then you already know what to do.

Reach out to Brenda and thank me later!

- Zjta N. -  Physician


standing ovation speaker

confidence discovery

Discover your unshakable confidence & how to speak from it.

speaking articulately  

Learn to speak clearly, coherently & captivatingly before any audience.

owning the room

Learn the savvy steps to preparing for your talk & how to powerfully take charge of the room while speaking.

shh...here's a little known secret... 

speaking well can change your life & the world

Did you know that your words have a primal effect on another human being? 
They have the potential to awaken, inspire, enlighten, challenge & heal someone's life forever.

All while opening doors of unexpected opportunities in your life.

But it starts with you being sure of yourself, articulating your thoughts well & connecting deeply with people.

So that your message leaves a positive mark on their lives forever.

So what if you didn't have to figure out this public speaking thing alone?

What if we could do it together, with me championing your brilliance & voice all the way?

What if it at end of our training you were actually EXCITED to give talks instead of dreading them?



Become a confident & articulate speaker, who shows up as her best self, everyday.


Give clear, organized & enjoyable talks that'll have people looking forward to your talks.


Actually enjoy public speaking & seek out opportunities to speak


Stand out.  Get promoted.  Build your business.  And lead effortlessly.

this is for you.

These sessions have become the highlight of my week !

this is so personalized
to me!

- Marguerite a - PUBLIC ART DIRECTOR



Confidence Discovery

This is the crucial foundational stage of eliminating self-doubt & negative thoughts.
Unveiling what makes you brilliant. 

Including how to use your unique strengths, the significance of your name, the power of your story & your calling to boost your speaking confidence.

You're going to be excited about who you are & your vision from now on!


Secrets to Speaking Articulately

You will be equipped with the principles of speaking clearly, coherently & compellingly. 

And the success steps to preparing for impromptu & prepared talks.

That you'll look forward to giving talks.


How to Own The Room

The power steps on what to do the day before your talk.

What to do backstage & just before you speak.

Confident body language on stage & how to own your stage as you talk.

You'll be primed with speaking confidence mastery to take on any stage with poise.

Your Investment In Your Speaking Confidence Is:






I help you see your
brilliance & speak articulately from it


Finally!  You'll bury the negative thoughts robbing you of your confidence. And discover how God truly wants you to see yourself. 

Your incredible emerging self-image, will have you excited to boldly express who you are & go after everything that's possible for you.

By the time we get to speaking articulately, your confidence will have blossomed. 

And your speaking skills will empower you to speak genuinely while creating true connections with your listeners.


Stand out through
your speaking

Your biggest insecurity will become your biggest strength, after we've worked together. 

You'll finally fully express your gifts, talents, story, vision & heart, using your confident voice. 

You'll be unapologetically you. 

Differentiating yourself from others, building meaningful connections & getting promoted.  

With Standing Ovation Speaker:


+ the fuzziness of self-doubt to 
  the clarity of self-assurance

+ fearful to bold

+ dread to excited

+ invisible to standing out

+ confused to empowered

+ from 'getting through' your
  talk to primed to talk!

want something like that?

let's do it together →

Just applying everything that you helped me uncover, brought on new opportunities…almost immediately!

“One of the surprise opportunities that came up almost immediately after our last session was
I received two emails from potential investors!

- DELAILA a. -

LET'S DO THIS together!

ready to go for it?

It truly makes me happy to help you see how amazing your are, speak from it & shine!

 Schedule a discovery call  & decide on the best steps for your speaking confidence journey.

Can't wait to chat with you!



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