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Ready to be the captivating speaker you've always wanted to be?

And do it while being your best & most confident self?

I'm here to help!

Hello there brilliant woman!

the 2 ways i can help you:


Discover how to speak confidently in public through this dual process of confidence coaching + public speaking coaching that'll ignite your hidden public speaking confidence.


Get the presentation strategy & presentation skills, to deliver captivating presentations that move your audience to give you, a standing ovation.


I’m brenda!
your confidence & public speaking

My joy is in helping you, the professional & entrepreneurial woman, become the confident & articulate speaker you've always wanted to be.  

If you have been frustrated by your lack of confidence, nervousness, scattered thoughts, self-doubt, feeling judged, invisibility at work & the disheartening lack of impact your presentations have, then I'm the public speaking coach for you.

I help you discover your confidence, through how God sees you, so that you show up as your best self in every situation. 

Speak clearly, coherently and captivatingly for all your meetings & presentations.
Making you stand out as the trusted leader, with the respect & credibility of your bosses, clients & patients.

I can't wait to work with you on your public speaking confidence journey!

believer, public speaking COACH, plant fanatic & encourager.











standing ovation speaker


My two-fold personalized public speaking coaching & confidence coaching that will transform both your confidence as well as giving you excellent speaking skills. 

You're going to believe in yourself and
love public speaking from now on!

It was a success!
 Both my brother and his clients loved it. We are going to do it again!

After the workshop, my brother expressed how surprised he was at my growth. He suddenly saw me as a different person. He didn’t see me just as his sibling.

 He said “You had a sense of confidence I had never seen before!

 Speaking is what you’re supposed to do.

 You spoke without any hesitation, in front of new people. That was really inspiring!"

 He was just so surprised!

speaking is what you're supposed to do!


- delaila a. - physical therapy practice owner
standing ovation speaker success story

Before working with Brenda, there was a disappointment after giving a talk & getting the polite "Thank you" but feeling that there had been no impact in what I shared with them.

After working with Brenda, It was really delightful to see,
when I was moving to the left the audience members were also moving their heads to the left.

So I knew I had their attention & there is something powerful about that.


you have captured their attention

- maria C. - medical professional
presentation strategy success story


I was just constantly scared of words coming out the wrong way, scared of being criticized…
simply put, I lacked confidence!

Looking back at where I was and where I’m currently at, I would say that my confidence level has skyrocketed and I am not even exaggerating!

I was recently at a zoom meeting,
which I moderated and the reviews were mind-blowing!

If you can relate with my story and wish to commence your journey to being an eloquent and confident speaker, then you already know what to do.

Reach out to Brenda and thank me later!


my confidence has skyrocketed!

- zita n. - physician
standing ovation speaker success story


standing ovation speaker

public speaking confidence

This is a truly bespoke confidence coaching experience where we discover & harness everything that makes you distinct.
Then use it to make you an articulate speaker who is outstandingly warm, relatable & unforgettable.

presentation strategy

speak to connect

Finally, enjoy preparing & delivering effective presentations. The presentation strategy & audience connection techniques you'll learn, will make you a captivating speaker, whose words deeply resonate with their audience. 
And stay with them forever.

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How do I speak confidently in public?  Presentation preparation tips.  Imposter syndrome. 
How can I become a likeable & relatable speaker?
I share all my public speaking & confidence tips on my blog.

Come on in & take a peek!

ready to... 

discover your public speaking confidence?!

Stand out!  Get promoted! 

Become the 'go-to' woman in your company who speaks confidently and presents effectively
in meetings, presentations & with clients.

It all starts with you booking your FREE DISCOVERY CALL.

We'll discuss your confidence & public speaking struggles
& aspirations. 

The best coaching package will emerge
& we'll begin your exciting speaking confidence journey 



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